THE definitive online programme that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know to successfully and safely invest in the cryptoboom and benefit from this once in a generation opportunity.

If you...

feel like a Crypto newbie but are keen and ready to benefit from the Crypto Boom currently underway;

...are ready to start investing in Crypto but feel overwhelmed by all the news, jargon and hype and want an experienced investor to show you the way;

… know there are incredible gains to be made but you are nervous about getting it wrong and losing money;

...want to understand what cryptocurrency investing and the blockchain is all about so you can be at the forefront of this next generation technology and benefit from 4 powerful investment strategies;

... have already dabbled in Crypto’s but want to now have a solid and effective step-by-step plan based on proven risk minimising strategies to maximise your gains and minimise your risk;

...want an empowered community of fellow investors who will support you and share their knowledge with you;


…if you want to cut through hours, days, weeks of research and get clear guidance on how to invest safely and successfully and get going fast...

Then Crypto Boom Riders is perfect for you!

Crypto Boom Riders has been extraordinary. This was the first online course that I've ever purchased, let alone from the Wealth Chef.

I've been hearing a lot about cryptocurrency and having the feeling like I'm missing out on something important. After the quality of your Wealth Chef book, and your online content, I knew that if there is anyone I need to "hold my hand" into cryptos it’s you. More specifically I know I can trust that I'm getting information from someone who has done her research and also dived in herself.

I simply cannot believe that just a month ago I knew nothing about cryptos. It has given me the skills needed to get into crypto investing and make it a success, safely and responsibly. Importantly, I now feel like no one needs to hold my hand anymore :-)

Kartik Naidoo 

South Africa


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    Cryptocurrencies are here to stay and are only going to get bigger;
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    The greatest gains made during the birth of a new technology are by those that get in early;
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    This is a boom and you can still benefit;
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    95% of currencies are scams so you need to know how to spot these so you can stay well away from them;
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    It’s not too late to get in and make life changing gains with the right know how but you must get in now;
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    This journey begins with YOU making the commitment to get over your own neophobia and skepticism.


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    Become a successful Cryptocurrency investor and benefit from this once in a generation opportunity;
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    Stop getting bamboozled by the hype and scam artists;
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    Have a clear, step-by-step plan of how to invest with low risk and maximum return;
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    Know where to get started, what to invest in and how to take profits to secure your gains;
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    Benefit from the 4 Core Crypto Investing Strategies;
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    Confidently know how to use Asymmetrical Risk Strategies to invest in different cryptocurrencies to benefit from mega returns while minimising your risk;
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    Know how to keep your cryptocurrencies safe and stored securely;
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    Overcome your fears and confusion about investing in crypto’s.

Make life Changing Gains Without Taking Life Changing Risks



Our Private Crypto Facebook Community

When you join Crypto Boom Riders I will also give you full membership of the super active, super supportive Crypto Boom Rider Community facebook group where fellow boom riders share their learnings and findings and help each other make a success of this opportunity.

VALUE $ 397

The Facebook group that Ann has created alongside the course has been amazing.

To be in a space with so many other fabulous people, sharing their insights, and their support, is priceless.

Maxine Hargreaves

The facebook group is wonderfully supportive with people posting extra resources to help further research into the world of crypto.
In less than a month I am all set up and successfully investing in cryptos, how amazing is that!

Heidi Sternberg


Squeeze The Juice Challenge

To help you free up more money to invest and benefit from this boom, I’m also going to give you my super effective 30 Day Money Saving Bootcamp Squeeze The Juice!

With Squeeze The Juice you’re going to experience 30 supercharged days during which you will liberate a heap of dosh (at least 15% off your monthly expenses) to create more assets and fun.

VALUE $ 97


imagine if...

you could look over my shoulder and see what cryptocurrencies I am investing in.
Imagine if you could see which cryptocurrencies I have in each of the diversified risk-spread portfolios I am currently using to get 1000% + returns.
If you could look over my shoulder, have this information and use it to guide your own investing success…
...would that help you take action and move forward faster towards your financial freedom?
If I told you you could see, not only what I’m investing in, but I’d also my “buy up to” prices, the crypto exchanges and the wallets I use for each of these investment, when I take profit and why…
...would that help you feel more confident about benefiting from this incredible crypto boom right now?

That’s exactly what you get when you join Crypto Boom Riders today… (beyond priceless)


Experience the confidence and peace of mind that comes from understanding how to benefit from this boom whilst minimising your risk.

Normal Price - US $997

Webinar Special - US $347 + Bonuses

START TODAY FOR $197 and one further payments of $197

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Pay $347 to Save $650 off normal price

No risk to you


If you are not entirely happy with the program or for some reason it is not what you expected you can receive your money back, no questions asked.If you are not happy, we are not happy!

You haven't given us fish, you've taught us how to fish for ourselves!
Thank you so much for Crypto Boom Riders Ann.
I was definitely not going to invest in cryptos until I saw you providing this training! It is a very volatile sector and as I don't have a loads of money to invest.I really appreciate your advice on how to spread the risk.
I'm now building up my investments and building my knowledge and understanding of the sector, including how to do my own research.
I've also learned about keeping investments safe and am confident of a more prosperous future.
I would not have done any of this without your detailed advice, structured training and all the information and support you provide.
It's like the metaphor - you haven't given us fish, you've taught us how to fish for ourselves!

Della Tysall

United Kingdom

Here's What You'll Learn In Crypto Boom Riders

Module 1: Get Moving

  • The Wealth Chef's Guide to the Birth of Bitcoin & The Blockchain to quickly bring you up to speed on this amazing new world of digital currency and the opportunities created by Blockchain technology;
  • What Cryptocurrencies actually are and how to spot the the good, the bad and the outright scams;
  • The 4 Wealth Creating Opportunities and how to benefit from each;
  • The 50 000 ft View of How to Invest in this new cryptocurrency world;
  • Crypto Safety - why this is so important and the factors you need to know to ensure your investments are safe.

 Module 2: Get into crypto land with Bitcoin & Etherium

  • Step by Step guide to selecting and opening your Fiat Currency to Bitcoin Exchange;
  • Step by Step guide to Buying Bitcoin and Etherium with Fiat Currency.

 Module 3: Storage & Safety

  • Cryptocurrency Safety - the why, the what and the how;
  • Introduction to Crypto Wallets - what they are, why you need them and how to open them;
  • Public and Private Keys;
  • Hot Wallets;
  • Paper Wallets;
  • Hard Wallets.

 Module 4: investing in Other Cryptocurrencies 

  • Crypto Investing Success Principles - the structures and mindset required to be a successful crypto investor;
  • Asymmetric Risk Portfolio strategy - what it is and how to use it to minimise your risk and set yourself up for exponential upside gain;
  • Understanding Crypto-2- Crypto Exchanges - what they are, which ones to use and how to open your exchange accounts;
  • How to Buy Altcoins - step by step guides on buying other cryptocurrencies on these exchanges with your Bitcoin or Ethereum;
  • At Market vs Limit vs Buy Up To - understanding the different buy and sell options to make your investing easy;
  • Selling Cryptos & Taking Profits - to ensure you take your gains and benefit from the ride;
  • Building Your Crypto Portfolios - how to build successful cryptocurrency portfolios for each investment strategy.

 Module 5: Useful Resources

  • Great Reads;
  • Great Movies to Watch;
  • Useful Crypto Investing Tools, App’s & News Sites.

▢ YES, Ann! I’m ready to benefit from this incredible once in a generation investing opportunity. Sign me up for Crypto Boom Riders at the lifetime access rate of just $347.


I can’t wait to get started with your cryptocurrency investing training and research so I can Ride The Boom and benefit from “Crypto Boom” currently underway—but I understand that time is of the essence.


I also understand you're sweetening the deal by giving me access to see what you are investing too.


Experience the confidence and peace of mind that comes from understanding how to benefit from this boom whilst minimising your risk.

Normal Price - US $997

Webinar Special - US $347 + Bonuses 

START TODAY FOR $197 and one further payments of $197

(Save $603 off normal price)


Pay $347 to Save $650 off normal price

No risk to you


If you are not entirely happy with the program or for some reason it is not what you expected you can receive your money back, no questions asked.If you are not happy, we are not happy!


Multi Media Training : Watch, Listen and Learn

Each module is delivered to you via a series of short videos, and a training webinar where Ann teach you the core components of the module. You also receive transcripts of the training webinars, audios, workbooks, spreadsheets and tools for you to download and use to evaluate, set up and manage your Crypto Investments.

Lifetime Access: It's For Life

You will have access to all the training and tools for as long as you need them, being able to come back again and again.

Make This Your Wealthiest Year Ever

I now says’ WOW a lot!
The Crypto Boom Rider training is clear and the way it’s presented enables and empowers me as I make inroads into areas I thought I would never go.
I always thought a digital world would never be part of my world. How wrong was I!
Your training and reassurance has supported me to enter what feels like a new galaxy! I’m saying 'Wow' a lot!

Julie Howell

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I had heard of cryptocurrencies before, but I was so afraid of making the wrong choices that I did nothing, then along came Crypto Boom Riders and you made it so easy.

I made back the investment in the course within 2 weeks and I’ve gone on to more than double my money in a month.

Thank you so much!

Sam Brouwers

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